Guitar Circle Play Sessions

Play, Learn, Unwind, Connect and Have Fun!

"The best thing of all Daniel makes learning the guitar fun like it should be!"
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Experience playing in a group and continue to build and expand your guitar playing.


Learn how to play along to your favourite songs from start to finish with SongShelf, at the same time focusing on:


Play along to songs in a stress free environment, where there are no mistakes in music.


Meet with like minded people in an inclusive space to learn how to play the guitar and connect through music.

Have Fun!

Learning how to play the guitar can be a rewarding experience musically, socially and most importantly it's a lot of fun!

Classes and Locations

Group Sessions

Meet like minded people and play along to all the favourites.

Private Lessons

Tailored to one-on-one or small groups.


A Curated Song Library for Everyone

Be sure to check out the SongShelf web app designed for Circle of Guitars, which is available for everyone to use on their guitar learning journey.

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