What is Circle of Guitars?

Spreading the Joy of Guitar Playing

Circle of Guitars is a community music project that aims to bring people together in an inclusive environment to learn how to play the guitar and connect through music. After all, that's what music is really about, right?

Come along to Circle of Guitars and become a part of something special, where you'll not only improve your guitar playing but also find a community that celebrates the magic of music. Suitable for everyone!

Class Locations

Group Play Along Sessions
  • Fairfield
  • Northcote
  • Private Lessons
  • Alphington
  • Interested in Attending?

    If you are interested in particpating in group guitar lessons or have any questions feel free to contact Daniel by email or phone.

    Email: contact@circleofguitars.com

    Phone: 0432 674 498

    About Me

    Guitar Circle in Fairfield Community Centre Banner

    Hi there! My name is Daniel and I am a guitarist, composer & educator. My aim is to spread the joy of what I believe is the coolest instrument in the world - the guitar.

    As well as connecting with people through playing music I also love talking about music, which is what inspired me to put together Circle of Guitars. For example, here is a piece of music trivia I recently learned:

    Did you know 'All the Young Dudes' was originally written by David Bowie and donated to Mott the Hoople to revitalise their career?